Knox Securities Corp. LLC (“Knox”) is soliciting via email and telephone, members of the public holding shares in companies that appear to be illiquid, including SK Resources, to sell those shares for them at a substantial premium. Representatives of Knox have told members of the public that they would have to send an advance fee payment before their securities could be sold. Staff are aware that investors who purchased a number of illiquid securities, including SK Resources, previously have been are now being targeted by fraudulent “advance fee” schemes. Knox’s website represents that it is a private boutique financial consultancy specializing in providing financial services, strategic business consultancy and wealth management services. However, Knox is not located at the address disclosed on its website, is not incorporated in Canada either federally or provincially and is not registered to sell securities on behalf of investors or: to offer or provide investment opportunities in any type of security; to offer or provide advice or portfolio management services with respect to investing in, buying or selling any type of security; or to engage in the business of trading in any type of security.

Date: Juillet 6, 2012